stereocoder, you can convert your existing mono transmitter into a high quality FM stereo broadcast transmitter. The coder takes a separate left and right audio signal on two separate cables and combines them together to form just one signal coming out on one cable. This unique signal is called multiplex and can be fed into any mono  transmitter. Any stereo tuner receiving this signal decodes the multiplex back into separate left and right audio signals. Stereo coder and receiver decoder synchronise to each other using a 19KHz pilot tone which is also added to the multiplex signal. Only the most expensive stereo coders will match the spec of this unit due to the pilot tone being crystal generated.

For the first time high quality FM stereo is available to all, at low cost. This SMD module is a copy of a professional available product. No test equipment is required to set this unit up.

  • Power / Voedingsspanning: 12-15V DC / 20 mA
  • Pilottone / Piloottoon: 19Khz +/- 1Hz
  • Freq. Range / Bereik: 40Hz..15kHz
  • Pre-emphase: 50uS up to 12Khz
  • Signal/noise signaal/ruis: ca.68 dB
  • Channel Seperation / Kanaalscheiding: 55 dB
  • Filter: 5e orde Chebyshev
  • Input sensitivity / ingangsgevoeligheid.: 350mv. eff
  • Compact size / Klein formaat
Prijs per stuk:
€ 36,00 € 17,95
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