MD 350

The TASCAM MD-350 MiniDisc Recorder / Player takes advantage of the latest advancements in MD technology including the newest ATRAC encoding scheme, making the MD-350 one of the best sounding MDs available. The MD-350 also features new cueing functions designed with live performance and broadcast situations in mind. Auto Cue positions the MD-350 to the first audio in a MD track, rather than an ID location eliminating dead space at the beginning of the track, allowing tighter cues. Auto Ready pauses the machine at each track ID allowing the user to cue in a single track; the MD-350 will automatically set itself at the next cue. The Auto Ready function can also be used to prevent the machine from accidentally rolling into the next cue
The rear panel features a complete host of audio I/O including balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) analog and digital optical ports making the machine easy y to integrate into any system. The front panel includes a digital optical port for easy connection of portable players and a keyboard port allows the connection of a standard computer keyboard for editing MiniDisc TOC (Table Of Contents) and track naming.
Program and shuffle play modes, pitch control, and timer play functions are available on the MD-350, as well as a headphone output with level control and a wireless remote control.New Capabilities Allow for Tighter Playback Cues Ideal for Live Sound and Theater Applications
The MD-350 is an advanced MiniDisc recorder at an affordable price. With features like Auto Cue and Auto Ready, as well as a complete complement of analog and digital I/O including a digital optical port on the front, the MD-350 is a must have for any theater or cue playback intensive situation.
Prijs per stuk:  € 599,00 € 219,00
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